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Batch Word Utilities ? A time and money saving professional tool with multiple command set The name of the software ?Batch Word Utilities? describes its features and working completely ? It is a utility to reduce manual effort and make working with multiple word files easily and quickly. With this tool there are many command sets and each set contain subsets of commands. Means for the users who work with multiple Word documents, it is an essential tool. It can process more than 1000?s of files in a single Batch process. This batch processing is very powerful and fast and makes it a distinctive tool in the market. It provides flexibility to the user to add a complete folder of files or selected files. After file insertion process completes, the user can view all files on the main screen. Now, user can easily navigate that all files are right or not. Any file added by mistake, can be removed by pressing delete key from the keyboard or by ?Remove selected? button. This unique tool has solution of all questions like: How to delete a text box in word? How to accept track changes? How to remove header and footer? How to merge word documents? Any many more. The user can accept or Reject all track changes, can change the page setup, remove the header, footer, remove objects like text frames, hyperlinks, images or shapes from multiple word documents in a single process with fast speed. It gives the accurate result. Merging word documents are very easy and fast. Many word documents can be merged into a single document with original formatting and page setup. A large file can be split into many other documents by pages or by section. It uses the low amount of System memory and do not have any crash or hang problem. It includes an online help manual with full description. Any user with less experience or without any technical knowledge can use it.

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